The Cove Campground 2018
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Schedule 2019

Offroad Events

The following list of events is subject to change. April 26,27,28 Big Dogs Ice Breaker (open to public) General camping still available May 3,4,5 VA4WDA Private (event open to members only) General camping still available June 21,22,23 Big Dogs Spring Fling (open to public) General camping still available September 6,7,8 Big Dogs Main Jambo (event open to public) General camping still available October 11,12,13 Fall Crawl General camping still available (event open to public)

AirSoft games and Events

The following list is subject to change without notice. Milsim West May 10, 11, 12, Visit MSW webpage here. 

Special Events

Please contact us if you have any special events to schedule. Music Festival, Nomadico Music Festeval June 8,9,10. The festival will utilze camp areas 5, 6, and 10. Information about the festival is available here. Range Event, Range closed for mainenance June 8th, 9th. Range Event, Avanced pistol nightfire class July 28th. ( 5pm - 11pm ) Active Shooter Intervention class. ( 8am-5pm ) Range Event, Couter Ambush responce class July 29th. ( All Day ) Range will be closed to the public. GORUCK event dates, visit for details.