The Cove Campground 2023
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The Cove is home to over 60 miles of offroad trails, this network of trail is open for use during events only. The trail system is comprised of tight rugged rock trail designed to offer maximum challenge to even the most experienced driver with the most capable equipment. Again The Cove offers access to the trail system during scheduled events only. If you would like to contact The Cove regarding setting up an event please see our contact page. The trail system also doubles as a safety system allowing access for fire services to limit the spread of a wildfire.  From $60.00 per person

Concerts & Festivals

The Cove has hosted a variety off of music festivals and concerts over the years. We offer to those who wish to hold a concert or festival a large 25 acre field area that has within its bounds a covered stage and restrooms. The area also doubles as a camping area for those wanting to have their guests stay multiple days. The stage consists of a 42’W X 28’D  18’H arch roof covered area with a concrete floor surface that is covered in 1” of rubber matting. The restrooms can accommodate 200 people with out the need to supplement with extra restrooms. The area has the ability to camp 1000 people with the use of the parking area located nearby. To make reservations or inquire about having a festival or concert please see our contact page. From $25.00 per person

Weddings & Family   

The Cove offers to those who wish to have a wedding or family reunion the ability to reserve complete camp areas. This option is provided in order to secure privacy and establish an area in which to hold their event undisturbed whilst still allowing other campers to utilize other camping areas. We also offer a picnic shelter and picnic area for smaller single day events as well as ahost of other options. Please visit our contact page to inquire regarding availability. From $25.00 per person
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