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The Cove Campground 2023
Rifle Range rates & information
Standard Range Fee-- Per Person $25.00 General admission $15.00 additional fee for campers per day The range fee is charged per day of use and is covered under the general adult admission fee on weekends.
Targets-- Per target $5.00 for cardboard siloutte target $3.00 for ipsic target $3.00 for shoot and see target
Range information--    The range is designed with individuals and groups in mind. The range area consists of two ranges one that is geared toward pistol shooting and one that is for rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting. The pistol Range is 80X20meters while the Rifle range is 90X100 meters. Both ranges are monitored by a Range officer, and are open from 9am to 5pm everyday. We do not allow AP or Tracer ammunition to be used. We do not allow trash, glass, plastic, or electronics to be shot on range. We provide steel targets on range, you are also welcome to bring your own paper or cardboard targets provided you clean them up.       Long Range information-- The long range is now open for reservations. You must make a reservation prior to accessing the long range, there is a three person minimum for a reservation. The long range is a low rate of fire range intended for those persons interested in precision shooting. A range officer will be on the range when it is in operation at all times no exceptions. The fees for the long range are listed below and reflect the nature of the range, the fees include use of the general range and access to the general daily campground activities ie. swimming, fishing, hiking, picnicing etc.. The reservation period is for two hours shooting with 15 minutes allowed for clean up and setup. The range is 500 yards with ten lanes, each lane has four targets one at each 100 yards starting at 200 yards. The firing line is covered and has one double sided bench at each lane/bay. Long Range Fee-- $50.00 per person for a two hour session
View from Rifle range firing line.
View of Pistol Range(left) Rifle Range (right).
Pistol Range... Rifle Range firing line...
Long Range Building with benches
Long Range Down Range with targets
long Range from the Bench down range